Showunit Ciputra World VERTU


Luxury always catches people’s attention, and this is not an exception. When you step inside the space, you’ll be greeted by the elegant mixture of elements, materials, finishings, and the color spectrumall coherently blends into one word : LUXURY. Partnered with Renovatio Design Studio, this showunit is envisioned to be one of the leading small-space pioneer in how to maximizing such compact space to be homey and elegant. We decided to bring up the CnC panel as a substitute for brickwall in separating the bedroom and the living room. This is the focal point of the area. The bedroom is covered in sleek yet gentle touch of pinks, from the wallpapers, drapery, into the light creamy color of the upholstery. Coming up to the living room, the screen decoration at the back of the sofa adds the accent of the concept, while the dining and the pantry stands together to form one elegant flow. The concept is further accentuated on the details of the ceiling, which is the shape. It might look a bit extravagant, but as the client desires to give more golds we decided to give it a shot forming such shape to be sharper, adding in-depth atmosphere of the space.