Residence Mr. Yudi Cimanuk


What is your tribute to luxury? Is it just elegant? Or it has to be less yet more? Or do you have any other perceptions? This project taught us that luxury is a something personal towards the users. It depends on how they see and perceive. The grand feels of the reflection and gold are a must to what it takes to create a palatial ambience. Here, we decided to give most of what luxurious home offers : warm drapery, light upholstery, warm wooden color, elegant finishes of laminates and coated woods. All combine into such unity that transforms this place to be more dimensional and drammatic. The wood slat patterns, and the use of beveled mirrors add the semi-modern classical feel to create more focal points into the space. We did not want to over exaggerate the design, some points are good for the vantage point, and some secondary corners are simplified to balance the mixture of the elements. How can you reject for not living in such house like this?