RC Accountant Office


A final design look for the concept of an accountant office in Surabaya, Indonesia. The office took place in the famous apartment in western Surabaya, with the concept of SOHO (Small Office Home Office) being in a loft  flat. A loft was supposed to fit in a studio bedroom or studio sized company, yet we managed to bring around 8 seats on the second floor with the focal point of our ‘floating’ meeting room at the ground floor. The meeting room was a glass-caged area risen on wooden platform with indirect lightings shining from underneath. The long wallpaper-ized bookshelves panel added the cleanliness and simplicity of the concept. Some of additional element of swirl sofa, grass carpet, landscape paintings would add the natural nuance of the looks as they deliver such ‘ease’ for the tensions at the office!

On the second floor, the focal points would be at the two types of cubicles, one with hanging cubes and one big cubicle up to the ceiling. The cubicle functions as a settee for the staffs to sit and to their work, with padded fabric panels to soften the surface and modern simple working desk.