PT Rahmi Ida Nusantara

graphic design

For those who would think construction companies are nothing but a far-distance customer of design, take a deep thought once again! Here, we had the chance to participate with the brochure catalogue design of a ME distributor company, PT. Rahmi Ida Nusantara, located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company basically works on many electrical and construction supplies, ranging from medium-big projects, high-rise projects, and into megapolitan CBD projects.

Here, they needed a better re-branding of their scope of work to be communicated in this newly-designed catalogue. We decided not to give an apparent look of ‘construction-ish’ theme, but rather give an unprecedented nicer look of factory illustrations with proper color schemes. Inside, all specs and informations were gathered neatly in tables and appropriate layout, while the color schemes were all taken from the company’s source. Overall, when the client was satisfied, people acknowledged how one simple rebranding can transform whole of the company’s prospect.