PONY Pop Up Store Singapore


Take that chance!!

That was what instantly appeared on our minds when we receive the offer for designing one of the leading sport brand in the world: PONY. They were about to open a store in Singapore for the first time, but it’s conceptualized as a booth or pop up store. So there we went to reveive the honour of ‘idealizing’ the store as that will be benchmarked for other supporting branches to open in Singapore. The owner initially did not have any themes, but we suggested to go with industrial design as sporty things have good relation towards raw, and rustic kind-of-feelings. So we designed the theme but relied heavily on the functionality and effectiveness. Yes, as this is a pop up store, things should be flexible, the display must be able to be adjusted in some ways whenever the keeper wants to change the formation, etc. So basically, the chevron-pattern cabinet in the center functions as the shoes display (this we derived from the tick mark at the PONY logo!) and the rest is the adjustable cubicle shelves as they are able to juxtapose and rearrange the cubes per module to suit their every needs. The result? We wowed the owner and he loved it!!!! We even had more opportunities to design more of the branches in upcoming moments!