Police Headquarter Central Java (BUILD PHASE 2)


It has been an honour for us to indulge in a grand project of police department. The site which housed 2000m2 did give us plenty of ideas to play on. Located in Semarang, Central Java, the police headquarters was built in restoration of the previously burned headquarter. Our main inspiration was to blend local culture with the futuristic touch of office design, as the prior request of our client. We incorporated local ‘Wayang’ with the modern design, added with lots of Batik pattern with the minimalism of the space. Color scheme also played important part in ensuring things look perfectly blended. We use monochromatic colors as the background then touched by the various colorful sides of Central Java culture as the focal point. However, we did preserve the elegance of this headquarter. As it has to welcome and greet the visit of police chiefs from other provinces, all elements had to be done carefully. Marble and gold are ready to welcome visitors at the grand lobby, with laser cut patterns and beautiful wall panels placed on, without deleting the sense of the ‘office’. Overall, we had a fabulous experience collaborating in this big project and finally got some compliments as one of the best police headquarter in Indonesia!