There is nothing better than seeing all things revamped and looked almost entirably brand new. The main focus of the interior was to set beautiful arrangement of the furniture our clients supply. We mainly used concrete grey tiles combined with ‘Batik’ patterned tiles to create typical Indonesian touch better. Having the colonial site is often a challenge but there was beauty in it, so all original brickwalls were hack and dismantled, leaving only the existing structure and beams. Galvanized steel decks are applied to cover the wiring on the ceiling to make it more industrial. Several mural paintings and cutting stickers are used on the walls to create deeper sense of story flowing through the space. We also incorporated some furntiure items to be pasted on the murals, to soften the scene to be less rigid! The interiors are divided into several sections, each carries their own type of furniture. So everything was done through a series of flow to make customers feel they are walking through a journey! Not to mention the dining area, where the coziness are the key elements to sway the people after they have done their ‘journey’ in the showroom!