An office should not be an ordinary office. People often have it too formal when they want their office done. Well, not in this case. We believe that office shouldn’t be a rigid and boring place to work at, we created appealing creativity here and dared to think out of the box. Having a site located on old colonial house, the main challenge was to refurbish the façade and landscape without damaging the original structure, plus, budget was on the emphasis here. So we managed to design an industrial looking façade with several wood cladding added with wiremesh partitions at the frontage. Use of bricks are also on the go, and greeneries are added for much relaxing touch and eco-friendly that echoes well with the current sustainable design movement globally. Colour scheme was rather straight forward, with black and white as the background combined with the brown natural theme from the woods and the green from all the hanging plant. All the greeneries are living plant thus making the irrigation system works was already planned thoroughly. Concrete flooring is also used and we did several recycled items to be hung on the wall to make vintage looking environment that’s totally different from any other offices.