Marketing Gallery CC


This gallery we made a more contemporary Zen approach to make things look assimilated between Japanese and Indonesian feel. Crafted from a bare land into one massive gallery, the main approach is to sway the customers with the glamour and the fabulous height of the building. The focal point is located on the lightwell, right on top of the pebbled pond where the miniature display table is built. The lightwell is structurally made from tempered clear glass with metal structure, covered with timber veneer on the sides. The maple tree is artificial, to make a dramatic touch of the interior. We used many wood slats on the walls as they carry the sense of elegance, warmth, and sophistication for what gallery should be. Not forgetting the Anne Sack’s 3D wall tiles, as they have various facinating contours of engraves to heighten the luxury of the space. The rest is purely seating area, where dealing table sets and sofa sets are placed in comfort.