Grand Hotel Executive Lounge


We had a great opportunity to design the rooftop storey for a 4-star hotel in Surabaya, Indonesia. The owner wanted an elegant-metropolitan approach in designing the space. As this lounge carries a sophisticated feel for the professionals and executives, all materials are necessary to be high end and in good quality. So marble was on the point here, with all the tables and reception counters covered in black lush importedmarble. We played more on the ceiling design in parametric curves to enhance the depth of the scene and put on great shimmering chandeliers in some spots. Lights were mainly dimmed, and we gave a lot of black metal partitions for the dividers with some hidden lights inside. The seats were mainly sofa and armchairs, and fabricated single seater for the dining chairs. Golden stainless steel was used to enhance the luxury and the elegance portrayed by the scene we have designed.