FGBMFI Christmas Drive 2017

graphic design

Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International or FGBMFI in short, is a Christian-affiliated communion which focuses in fellowship and gospel ministry dedicated for the general society. In December 2017 they were back with the Christmas event called ‘Christmas Drive’, with praise and worship being given and testimonial sharing included. We had the returning opportunity to collaborate with FGBMFI East Java again, designing the invitation card for 2017 christmas event. Basically, the fundamental color combination was the same, but with different layout, design concept, and last finishing. The main objective was to make the invitation as secular as possible without getting rid of its spiritual evangelism cohort, annexing them to Christian-themed Christmas celebration. The design was pretty much simpler yet more straightforward and easy-looking in the same way. These elements juxtaposed harmoniously with the elegance and the spirit of joy when people welcome Christmas!