Fank Generation Salon


Here we had the chance of designing a beauty salon who was moving to the new place, with the new building. The main concept was white, minimalistic, simple yet sophisticated, with some intriguing elements for the emphasis. As mentioned, beauty-related industry compromises tranquility and comfort, with minimum complexity and soft light approach for the pleasure of the client. Big tables, modern grand mirrors were all the keypoints of this design as they make the rooms more spacious, and reflect the lights brighter. Drop ceiling was used in most area as they give more apparent depths to the space, added with indirect illumination from the hidden cove lights. Some of the wall feature also derives unique modern elements of being ‘stylish’ as the hair salon usually keep their image eye-catchy. We kept the base color as white and bright as possible, and left the focus to play on the mirrors and walls. Cheers for this project.