Etienne Hairdressing & Lounge Branding

graphic design

Black and white are solely what base thematic concepts, including this one. The neutral colors perpetuate with the nuance of elegance and luxury, in accordance of the interiors. They are that flexible combined with any other colors, and with just simple sway of golden brown, nothing beats it. This the notion of what hairdressing should be when it is mixed with lounge.


The main purpose of the branding is to create something voluptuous, sexy, and curiosity-evoking. Take a closer look to all the elements here, from invitation cards, business cards, vouchers, and goodie bags containing bottles with stickers on them. They are designed compatibly, look alike in terms of tones and visuals but different in approach, thus, giving each of them separate feelings when people stare and stay focused. Borders, ornaments, and some patterns are added as the secondary assets of what supports the primary contents (aka. fonts & information).


What adds the luxury is the concept of ‘classical-vintage’ pricelist printed on PVC boards,


We replenish the olds with newer touch to bring visitors delightful insight to the layouts and design, making them eager to read and enjoy the menu.