Etienne Hairdressing Graha Famili


Our favorite part of the project is how to design this 30m2 shop house into an enticing hairdressing for an upper class community. As we can see, the total area is quite small and we literally did not have any spaces to play on our mind-wrecking ideas, so we managed to ‘transform’ the salon by giving such a perspective illusion, underpinned by simplicity yet captivating the eyes. We are able to see the gorgeous black frame mirrors, slanted in a particular angle to give extra space to store magazines behind.

Take a look at how well juxtaposed the herringbones are. We are always in love with herringbone pattern yet had not got any chance to realize it, but this project has enabled us to realize our wildest imagination! The staircase corridor is evolved into such natural-wooden herringbone that give the customer a different ambience when they walk in.


Up to the second floor, the renovation embarked on the VIP room which has three pieces of golden bronze curtain, combined with big panel of mirrors for hair treatment. The light blue-tosca color of the sofa give a vibrantly cheerful look as the accent, with series of picture frames. Besides, how can the people not resist if they have nice sliding mirror in front of them to ask for the beauty of the person sitting in front?