Chuan Drive House Singapore


Retro style? Why not?!

We have never actually designed a house with retro theme. Be it neo classical, art deco, or even vintage, most of the home owners want something subtle and comfortable to fit their house, and that was modern thing. But this house is just an exception. With his position as one of the ministry in Singapore, he ought to seek some nationalism in the design, so he briefed us to design some typical Singaporean retro style in the 1960s, mainly for the shared area such as living room, dining, and kitchen. We worked really hard for this however, as time was running out and the deadline was pushing around the corner, we brainstormed and did lots of research in Singapore regarding their trace back in early independence era. Thank God we managed to finish within the given deadlines and gave more contemporary touch on the upper floors as they have them for their bedrooms and personal study / working rooms.