About Us

Born in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, in 1992. Growing up, he was raised in such communities with diverse vogue, culture and backgrounds. Many inspirations and attractions then came into his mind creating such a pioneer in his further interest; drawing, and creating ideas. 

Having enrolled for diploma in interior and furniture design in Singapore and transferred into a reputable university in United Kingdom for honours degree, he was eventually equipped with the expertise required in the industrial workforce.  In fact, by getting distinction for First Class Honours, he successfully stayed internationally for more than 3 years, when he has joined lots of art installations, international exhibitions, and designer showcase in London, Newcastle, Singapore, Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, and many more. He now works multi-disciplinary incorporating architecture, interior consultancy, furniture, graphic design and advertising media.

He also suggests that design is not just about creativity but a gateway of one’s character. He believes that design is a never ending process about exploring each potentials, inventing and terminating, taking and giving. Thus, creativity is just an intelligence playing and having fun!

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“We transform one single ideas to myriad possibilities, with the precise deal everybody savours. Whether it is visualization, consultancy, design and build or anything else, we seamlessly integrate knowledge and creative flair in every case to ensure punctuality and quality on match.”


“Very satisfying, much compliment to the service delivered.”


“Always creative, design-oriented and prompt according to the deadline given. Always gives best innovative ideas and the way out of every solutions.”
SWN, Entrepreneurial Manager.


“Hardworking, open-minded and fantastic results. I believe he has sense of producing such state-of-the-art creation that well competes in the market.”
GP, Herbal Entrepreneur


“Thumbs up for the design process and the results are always as expected. Time concerned and proactive.”